His Voice in My Heart, to Freedom!

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If you have read and meditated on the first two “His Voice in My Heart” books, you now know that your past doesn’t define you. Painful circumstances need not declare who you are, nor write your future! Many wear their past as a name-plate. They study that name every day and then wonder why they can’t see beyond it. See yourself from the perspective of your Heavenly Father — He sees you Redeemed—He calls you, My Beloved!

This journey is not meant to be a quick read but reflection—learn your true identity! Jesus exchanged His life for yours that you may receive His—Abundant New Life! Absorb that into your heart and never again allow your past to dictate your now and your future—SEE how you’ve grown!

“His Voice in My Heart to Freedom!” is filled with messages from the Heart of God. Listen, as He takes you deeper, redefines you according to His Word; and shows you—in Him, you are, and always will be— FREE!

1 review for His Voice in My Heart, to Freedom!

  1. Cindy Aten

    I highly recommend this and Lori’s other books. Read a little or read a lot, but find a quiet place and spend a few minutes pondering what you read. I did, and I sensed His love surrounding me and heard the Holy Spirit speaking.

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