The Overcomer in You

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You may be asking yourself, “How would I benefit by reading The Overcomer in You?” You may very well find a new you and just what you need for defying the evil one’s control over your life.


The Overcomer in You will give you a description of life’s struggles in not knowing right from wrong, including the author’s personal testimony of his life before knowing Jesus. You can experience for yourself the journey from being an obstructor of godliness into the place of being an Overcomer of darkness.


As you read The Overcomer in You, you will be enabled to take hold of what the inspired Word of God can do for you by allowing it to take you to an arena of excellence. You can experience the transformation of becoming an Overcomer and restrainer of darkness.


You can overcome the evil assaults and tribulations that can happen in life on a daily basis. It is God’s will for you to be fully equipped for victory as you become a godly force to be reckoned with. You will see victory as you put the Word of God to work in your life.


Take that step of faith into the place that God has made for you to be a victorious Overcomer of evil. God is waiting!

5 reviews for The Overcomer in You

  1. Mary Ann Chavez

    I will keep this book on my night stand to help me daily to seek the guidance I was needing to reestablish myself in the Word.

  2. Jimmy Waters

    Dr Panchos book, “The Overcomer in You” gives you his testimony of how God through His Word, led Dr Pancho to overcoming the darkness he was living in, to becoming aa Jesus calls us the light of the world. In reading this book I believe that many others will benefit from this testimony and also be set free from the captivity of living in a that tries to overwhelm us with its darkness.

  3. Leo Chavez

    I enjoyed your perspective and insight to those things that influenced change in you. I also thought that those that surrounded you wrote excellent testimonials to what they thought drove you to change.
    Good job!

  4. Helen Urquidi

    I loved the book. I loved the way you explained everything. Right now I am going through the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. We are having a study on Tuesday and your book is helping me teach the group on each gift. Thank you. I pray Gods blessings on you and on the book that God may use it to reach out to others for His glory.

  5. Jennifer Andress

    These pages are what your soul needs to overcome the many obstacles in this broken world. In The Overcomer in You, Dr. Francisco Valenzuela, aka Pancho, reminds us that when we are faced with obstacles that seem impossible to scale, that in Christ we can overcome. One of the best up-and-coming Bible teachers of our time, Pancho hands us practical guidelines with biblical roots on how to navigate this life on earth.
    -Jennifer Andress, Women’s Life Coach

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