Jorie West

About the Author:

Cherokee/Creek/Choctaw singer, speaker, author and songwriter, Jorie West, began writing at an early age and found it to be another great way to share her heart and love for God. She has come to understand the challenges that people from various cultures face everyday through her travels and interaction with people of many nations around the world.

Jorie and her daughter, Christie, make up the Native American award winning duo, Sayani. Sayani is the Native American arm of Aloha Ke Akua Ministries, a ministry to Indigenous peoples of the world. Their desire is to encourage people of all nations to find and develop a relationship with The One True God and worship Him with their native tongue and culture.

Jorie and her family own and reside on a small ranch in Springtown, Texas. For more more information, or to listen to Sayani’s music, we invite you to visit the website at


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