Shirlee Kamstra

About the Author:

Shirlee was radically saved at 30 years of age. She holds no titles or degrees, except The School of Holy Spirit, Who has taught her firsthand so much in the 42 years that she has been serving God.
She is constantly aware that there is more to know and more to learn, so she endeavors to keep moving forward in her walk with Him.
Her heart is for believers to wake up and quit playing church – for them to know the Word, speak the Word, and do the Word.
She believes in pouring out to others what the Lord has so lovingly poured into her life. She enjoys teaching and sharing with other women what has been shared with her. She hopes that you will be enriched, encouraged, and inspired to come up to a higher place in your personal walk with your heavenly Father and “Cross + Words” will assist you in that journey.
Shirlee Kamstra lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She can be contacted through her website:


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