SL Jepson

About the Author:

Having a background of understanding the treasure that a book can have within its pages, I have savored a great deal of stories in my life. I also have a small library of books from multiple genres. These include some selections that are over 150 years old. Having a growing book ‘hospital’ has created my future endeavors to include receiving instruction on book mending and book binding.
Writing brings the stories that circulate in my head onto a page where they can be experienced by so many others. Some of my cohorts also say that I have a different way of looking at things, such as time and space. While seeing the relationship between them, I perceive them in a way that can fuel the imagination of possibilities regarding relationships with others and with God.
Entering into this book series you will join a family’s view of how time and space has impacted them and how they have affected time and space around them. It is my desire that you take pleasure in reading these as much as I have delighted in having the characters tell me their stories.


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