Cheryl Bendix

About the Author:
Cheryl has always loved to travel. Her pen and camera lens have provided a creative outlet for her to express God’s love and provision for us. Everyday situations can bring much insight and understanding when we are seeing it through God’s eyes. He has done this through Cheryl Bendix, especially through her photography. After a doctor suggested she terminate one of her pregnancies due to a probability of down syndrome, she developed a heart for the pre-born and women who find themselves facing tough decisions regarding their pregnancies. Thankfully, she chose to believe God’s Word and chose life. As a result, she has a healthy and bright able-bodied daughter. God’s Word is forever true, and it does work when we apply it to our lives! Cheryl and her husband, Steve, live in Fort Worth, Texas. They enjoying serving God in and through their church participation and many outreach programs.


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