Cindy Neathery

About the Author:

It has always been in my heart to help people and make a difference for having been there. That has been the goal throughout my life in everything I did. Helping people to have freedom in their lives is very dear to me.

With a background in sales and management, being on the path the Lord had for me was not part of my conscious thoughts. Little did I know then, everything I did was leading up to and preparing me for this Life Adventure called “God’s plan”. Being a minister, teacher of the Gospel, author, and publisher were not in the future I saw for myself. I had no idea I would be writing books or publishing my own book and other authors as well.

It was when I stopped listening to other people’s opinions and living in their expectations of who I should be and what I should do or not do that I began the transformation process into who God had for me to be.

It is my hope that the Christian books coming through my publishing company and my ministry will bring you hope to inspire and encourage you to be free to follow God’s plan for your life as well.

Even though God is first place in my life, I enjoy spending time with my family (daughters and grandchildren) and doing several hobbies.

The process to become free is well worth the effort – you are worth it!

Be Blessed,


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