Steve And Betty Bishop

About the Author:

Betty and I have worked together for the Lord all our married lives. I never considered myself a writer in the past. I was more of a verbal communicator who could remember all the details of events and tell them in chronological order. For years people would tell me “you should write a book”. There were many things I wanted to do but writing was not one of them.


During a special time of seeking God for my life, He spoke one word to me very directly. The word was “WRITE”. You would think that experience would cause me to get busy putting my thoughts down on paper. However, it has taken 14 years and many reminders from different people telling me that I should write a book for me to start putting our experiences down for people to read.


We have traveled around the world and have seen God change lives everywhere we go. My goal in sharing with others is to be a blessing to them while challenging them to grow in their relationship with God.


This book is my first attempt to “tell” the story of how God used a life changing experience in our lives to impact many other people when the story and its Scriptural foundation was shared with them.


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