Dr. Francisco "Pancho" J Valenzuela

About the Author:

Dr. Francisco “Pancho” J Valenzuela is an ordained minister, who by the grace of God has been given the calling of both teaching and preaching the Word of God to all the nations. Francisco J Valenzuela Ministries-Tree of Life is based in Decatur, Texas.


Dr. Valenzuela was born in El Paso, Texas and was raised in an area of the city called: “El Barrio Del Diablo,” which means The Devils Ward.”  He was raised in the Roman Catholic Church, but his interest in running the streets of El Paso was greater than attending church. His mother never gave up on him, especially in her prayers. She made sure that he knew about Jesus. His mother went home to the Lord when he was only fourteen years of age.


Through the rough times with alcohol and drugs, Jesus was watching over him!  God placed people in his path that would direct him towards God. One of those divine connections led him to the Lord. It was then that he began seeking the Lord and His plan for his life, devoting all to following after Him and His Word.


The Lord brought his wife, Karen, to help strengthen him and stand firm with God through all the ups and downs of spiritual growth. She is a mighty woman of God, a precious gift to his life.


Eagle Mountain International Church in Fort Worth, Texas is their home church.  Jerry Savelle’s Correspondence Course where he achieved a Certificate of Completion.   Hungry to learn more, he began studying under Dr. Nasir Siddiki, Wisdom Ministries and University in Tulsa, OK.  After several years of immersing himself in the Word of God, he received his Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate of Biblical Wisdom. What a Transformation!


He Pastored Tree of Life Church in Decatur, TX for 6 years and now serves as President of Francisco J Valenzuela Ministries-Tree of Life, Inc.


You are welcome to visit his website, www.fjvm.org, where the Wisdom of God is taught in the Spirit of excellence.



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