The Saudi Scene with Carleen

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A job offer in Saudi Arabia, making more money than ever, was the incentive for us making the decision that literally changed our lives forever. It was the hardest decision we had ever made, but we are so thankful we did. That one opportunity brought us into new worlds with their culture and took us on adventures of our lifetime. The Saudi Scene with Carleen is a true account of our life and travels in Saudi Arabia and around the world.

Who would have ever thought that someone that never ventured out of Texas growing up would become a world traveler?  I am so thankful God was with us on all our adventures.


Kick back and enjoy the ride!

A few comments from readers:

The Saudi Scene with Carleen describes our traveling experiences, the fun, the creativity, and the joy of trusting God while embracing the adventure of world travel with children.  This is a true insider’s view of what it feels like to go from being a small-town girl to a world traveler. This book will bring both a smile to your face and hope in your heart.   (Suzy Thompson)

Carleen grabbed my hand in Texas, snatched me off on a rollicking world adventure, and didn’t turn loose until she got back to Texas!  Her delightful, nonstop humor scratches the wanderlust itches of the most avid of armchair travelers.   (Jan Doke)

Pack your bags, grab your passport, and get set for an adventure of a lifetime!  In reading The Saudi Scene with Carleen, I laughed until tears flowed at some of her shenanigans while traveling to Saudi Arabia and many other quick trips to various countries.  I felt that I was right there with Carleen on her intriguing travels.  I could see the sights, smell the food, and feel the fresh air.  If you are looking for a get-away adventure that will leave you feeling like you have been on a vacation, then this book is for you.   (Dee Levens)


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