Sorrow – One Night with God

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When your life suddenly crashes down around you, you have a choice to make. You can allow it to consume you, or you can turn to The One that consumes you with His LOVE!
“Sorrow – One Night with God” is the story of one that made the choice to allow The One who loves her to bring her healing with His all-consuming presence. Through the tragic loss of a child, this mother used her faith in His faithfulness to go through the process to victory!
The Lord met her where she was and never left her side. Hiding in the secret place of His presence is where she found comfort in her sorrow.
Be encouraged and inspired through these pages while you learn how to grow your faith to help you through any life situation victoriously!
The night may have been long, but morning did come …. And her faith, trust, and love for God was alive!

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