God’s Pathway to Abundant Life

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God’s Pathway to Abundant Life is written in a chronological order of growth in one’s walk with the Lord. Let faith and hope arise in your heart as you make this book a personal Bible study for your life today.  The book is filled with Scriptures to make the study of the material easier. I hope every believer will receive this book as a tool to teach and to encourage one another.

It is my prayer that you will want to share what you have read and learned through the reading of these pages with many others. Let me suggest you use this book to teach from in Bible study settings in your home, church, or neighborhoods.

I pray blessings over you as you step out in faith to grab hold of all the benefits that are rightfully yours as a child of God.

God bless you.

Ps please note, the book is written in LARGE PRINT

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