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Deception is running rampant in the world today and unfortunately within the Body of Christ as well.  When you are in deception, you don’t know it.  When you “take hold” of deception, immediately blinders of deception “take hold” of you – by clouding your thinking and your ability to understand. It takes God’s Light, His Word, to lift blinders to see truth.

Deception is one of the main reasons why it is so important to make God’s Word first place in your life.  It is THE Truth by which all else is compared or measured. The Word of God has many warnings regarding deception because God doesn’t want His children to live deceived.

There are many areas of deception in our lives that we are not even aware we have been deceived. It is widespread in the public arena with intentional misinformation, twisted circumstances, and outright lies. There are some in the Body of Christ that are actually using God’s Word as deception by twisting or omitting verses to change the meaning to be what they want it to be, not what God said it was to be. This has left many confused and wandering off course. This must stop if the Church is going to rise up to be the Body it is intended to be.

Self-deception is created by own thinking in many ways. Many people are compromising more than they realize because they don’t see what they are doing as compromise. The Lord said that compromise is just another form of deception. We must stop being so willing to compromise.

All of these areas will be explored within these pages, giving you examples to further enhance your understanding of how deception works in our own thinking. With additional understanding, it is up to you to determine to live free of deception and compromise in your life.


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