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You don’t have to be behind bars to be imprisoned in life. Life is challenging and feelings can overwhelm. The hurting heart longs to be free—to find destiny and purpose in life.

Your pain is not God’s plan for you. He came to set the captives FREE!

‘His Voice in My Heart’ is a journey that speaks from the Heart of God. Listen as His Love validates you, and speaks messages to heal, confirm, and deepen your relationship IN HIM.

You may not struggle in life but know of one who does. ‘His Voice in My Heart’ will give insight into the journey of another, deepening your understanding of what they face while allowing His compassion to fill your heart.

Begin the journey to freedom. It begins in your heart as He speaks to you through His Word and ‘His Voice in My Heart.’


In this rapidly-changing, uncertain world, many find themselves confused, lonely, lost, and afraid. God understands your heart—hears every cry. He understands the frustration and knows every fear.
He always listens to your heart—now, listen to hear His!
Those who have read the first, “His Voice in My Heart,” know it is a book filled with special messages from the Heart of God. Messages that are written for you, just as He has spoken—as fresh bread!
“His Voice in My Heart, the Journey” continues the path of freedom. A journey that calls you higher to the abundant life He intended for you all along—your destiny!
In this unstable and ever-changing world, God remains unchanged!
Listen as His Voice brings clarity to your world, gaining a deeper understanding of His Word by practical application to your life. As you hear, your walk and relationship with Him will be enhanced while your heart fills with fresh compassion and understanding for others.
Included are many amazing, true testimonies of the miraculous power of God. Each incredible event is a living, powerful demonstration of His Love, manifested through Healing, Provision, and Protection.
If you have not yet had the opportunity . . . Begin the journey, with “His Voice in My Heart!”


If you have read and meditated on the first two “His Voice in My Heart” books, you now know that your past doesn’t define you. Painful circumstances need not declare who you are, nor write your future! Many wear their past as a name-plate. They study that name every day and then wonder why they can’t see beyond it. See yourself from the perspective of your Heavenly Father — He sees you Redeemed—He calls you, My Beloved!

This journey is not meant to be a quick read but reflection—learn your true identity! Jesus exchanged His life for yours that you may receive His—Abundant New Life! Absorb that into your heart and never again allow your past to dictate your now and your future—SEE how you’ve grown!

“His Voice in My Heart to Freedom!” is filled with messages from the Heart of God. Listen, as He takes you deeper, redefines you according to His Word; and shows you—in Him, you are, and always will be— FREE!


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